Welcome to the MOG NATION!  The goal of our community is to provide mature, like-minded gamers with access to active guilds for the most popular MMO’s on the market.  The MOG Nation will foster a multi-gaming mindset allowing members the freedom to choose which games they want to play, when they want to play them.  But PC games isn't where we stop! So pick your poison! We also support FPS games, MOBAs, strategy, tabletop games and consoles!

So what does "MOG" stand for?  It stands for "Massive Online Gaming."  But here at the MOG Nation, we stand for much more than a name.  We are a dedicated family of gamers that strive to build a community around these concepts:

-Players with a mutual respect for each other
-Having an open mind to the schedules of working professionals and parents
-Encompassing a wide range of play styles from Hardcore to Casual
-Players interested in ALL aspects of MMO game play from PvP to PvE to Crafting and Exploration
-Players not afraid to branch out and try many different games, game types and platforms
-Community members that want to engage in productive discussions about the gaming industry
-Members who endeavor to give back to our society through charitable events and contributions
-Overall, we humbly aim to be AWESOME

Sound right up your alley? Join our family! Let MOG Nation be the premiere "one-stop shop" for your community, gaming, guild, streaming and podcasting needs!  Our goal is to make MOG Nation the last gaming community you'll ever need!  You can help us continue to build this outstanding community into something truly special!

MOG Nation! Release the hounds! We have officially launched our squeaky, brand new Discord Server. Here are the deets:, but haha you have to actually go to the forums to get them. Muhuhahahaha


Click HERE to register for Extra Life 2016 and join MOG Nation's team! During the registration process, you can choose to join MOG Nation's team. Just search 'MOG Nation'.


Check out the new episode of MOGTalk, your source for MOG Nation's News. This month, we made is scary :)